Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Win a Market Leverage Bag of stuff!

John chow dot com and Market Leverage is having a contest!
"the prizes?" yes I heard you :) the prize is a Market Leverage bag with lots of cool stuff!

What’s Inside The Bag of Stuff?

The bag will have the normal assortment of wearable Market Leverage T Shirt, golf shirt, jacket and cap so you’ll be able walk around town and be a human billboard. Not that you’ll mind doing that since the bag will also contain the following really good stuff.

  • Flip video camera
  • $200 Market Leverage Amex Rewards card
  • USB drive that is also a pen
  • iPod Nano.

For that custom touch, the iPod will be engraved with Market Leverage and your blog name. Total value of the bag of stuff is over $500. And it can be all yours!

Isn't that sweet!?

How to join:

There are two ways to enter the bag of stuff contest. You’ll receive one entry by simply replying to this post on john chow's website. Easy, right? You only have reply once. You can reply more than once but you’ll still only get one entry.

You’ll receive five entries if you blog about this contest and send a trackback. Your post should link to this contest post and to Market Leverage. If the trackback doesn’t work, then enter the URL to your post in the comments.

Entries will be accepted from today until June 18. The winner be drawn on June 19. This is a world wide contest. Market Leverage will ship the bag of stuff anywhere in the world.

Good luck guys!

/Johnchow contest page/ /Market Leverage/

Monday, June 9, 2008

I got Accepted! :D

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to announce that I got accepted from's Domain and Sponsorship Program! yes that means this blog is moving soon to my own domain :D I'll announce later the new domain :) so stay tuned!

I suggest you guys Apply too if you want to have your own blog with free domain and hosting :)


Monday, June 2, 2008

Starbucks Free WiFI launching Tuesday

Guess what... Free Starbucks WiFi Access! yeah starbucks is joining the free wifi wagon on Tuesday.
An aforementioned manager approached Dave Zatz(a digital media blogger+starbucks patron) and said that the system was configured few days ago and confirmed working.

Sounds good to me.. the thing is I don't live in U.S. so this won't do any good to me even if it sounds good.. XD but still I'm happy for those starbucks patrons who can't stay long without the internet!

thanks for the post Dave!

here's the full post at:

Sunday, June 1, 2008

How to search in google like a pro.

Do you use google everyday? Tried to find something but can't find because you don't know the exact name of the thing you are trying to find? or you just want to search faster? then here's some tips and tricks from to Master Google and search like a Pro!

Take advantage of google! it's meant to be like that ;).


Friday, May 30, 2008

Google's new favicon

Have you been to today? Today when I opened Firefox I was confused at what I saw:

Google has a new favicon! at first I thought I'm on a phishing site, But I see the address is real.

But I think it's just a temporary favicon,like what they do on their logo.