Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Scroll

This Company Called 13techdesign released a concept of their project called "The Scroll"
this is the listed features so far:

  • Sliding Phone
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Computer
  • Wifi
  • Camera
  • Cam Recorder
  • Bluetooth
  • Router Touch Screen Device.
Visit their website to find out more and more screenshots of this sweet thing!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A new way to share with friends from facebook.

Chances are, you use parts of the Internet that aren't Facebook. You might post photo albums using Flickr or Picasa, for example, instead of on Facebook. There are a lot of good sites out there, unfortunately, that can sometimes mean a lot of switching around for your friends, and it can make it harder for them to discover the very best of your content. With that in mind, we've introduced a way for you to import activity from other sites into your Mini-Feed (and into your friends' News Feeds).

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The PeanutBot!

” The PeanutBot robot consists of three microphone circuits, three servo motors, an MCU and a PC. The three microphones were used to triangulate the angle of the source relative to the robot. The audio source plays a continuous stream of pulses. Pulses were chosen over a continuous tone because, instead of detecting phase difference in the audio signal, our system detects the arrival time of the signal at a certain amplitude at each microphone. The robot is designed to be autonomous and is, therefore, not synchronized with the pulse generator. As a result, the time of flight of each impulse is not available and the robot is unable to quantify the distance to the source. Instead, the robot advances by a small predetermined distance and listens for the signal again. To find the sound source, the robot listens for the arrival of an impulse on any of the three microphones. Once an impulse has been detected at one of the microphones, the robot records the microphone data at 10 microsecond intervals for 10 milliseconds. Using this data, the arrival time of the impulse at e! ach microphone is calculated and the direction of the source is obtained. Once the angle of the source has been identified, the robot rotates and pursues the source for a short period, and then promptly resumes triangulation of the signal to repeat the process.”


Sanyo Announces Two New Superbright 'T' Series Projectors

Sanyo introduces four new in its T series LCD projectors. The models include PLC-ET30L, PLC-XT35/L, PLC-XT25/L and PLC-XT21/L. The high-end PLC-ET30L features a resolution of 1400×1050, 1300:1 contrast ratio, 4200 Lumes and 10-Bit digital gamma. The other 3 models all have 1024×768 resolution and 1000:1 contrast ratio.

other features:
  • Lamp: 330W NSHA (PLC-ET30L), 300W UHP (PLC-XT21/L)
  • Audio: Built-in mono speaker with 1 watt of power
  • Inputs: D-sub 15-pin, DVI-D, RGB/Component/Composite (BNC x 5), Composite
  • (RCA), S-Video (Mini Din 4)
  • Output: D-sub 15-pin monitor out
  • Audio: Stereo mini-jack input and output, Analog stereo input (RCAx2)
  • Additional Inputs: USB (type B), Control (mini Din 8-pin), Remote control
  • jack (PLC-ET30L only)
  • Warranty: 3 years parts/labor, 90 days original lamp; Quick Repair Program
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 13.7″ x 6.5″x 17.6″ PLC (including protrusion)
  • Net Weight: 17.9 lbs. (without lens), 19.2 lbs. (with lens)
/Akihabara News/

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