Monday, June 2, 2008

Starbucks Free WiFI launching Tuesday

Guess what... Free Starbucks WiFi Access! yeah starbucks is joining the free wifi wagon on Tuesday.
An aforementioned manager approached Dave Zatz(a digital media blogger+starbucks patron) and said that the system was configured few days ago and confirmed working.

Sounds good to me.. the thing is I don't live in U.S. so this won't do any good to me even if it sounds good.. XD but still I'm happy for those starbucks patrons who can't stay long without the internet!

thanks for the post Dave!

here's the full post at:


Joshua Maines AKA FJGamer said...

That really is cool, but they charge for WiFi here. You have to buy something to gain access or they say you're loitering.

Anyway, I have a blog you might want to check out. Maybe we could exchange links using the new blogroll feature? Cheers!

Dave Josh said...

sure man! but I'm moving my blog soon... see my post here:

I'll contact you after I setup my new blog :D